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Memorial Day: Honoring The Past, Recognizing the Present

On Memorial Day, one of our nation’s most revered holidays, Coulter Tempe reflects upon the true cost of freedom. We honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect it.

The day is a time to remember not only the past sacrifices made by our war heroes, but also those who are actively serving us right now. Our attention this Memorial Day should include those who are volunteering to serve in Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries to keep us safe. Through April 2011, 1498 service people have lost their lives in Afghanistan. From 2004 through April 2011, 4,439 lost their lives in Iraq. The recent deaths of these heroes are fresh in our minds on this Memorial Day, as well as the thousands of others who were seriously injured.

When we see a soldier dressed in camouflage at an airport, we may be so preoccupied with ourselves they become transparent. Instead, notice them, shakehands, express good will and gratitude. Our military men and women have volunteered to risk their lives for America. They and their families have courage and strength that are honored, respected, and appreciated.

Show your true colors. Memorial Day is not about the wars; it’s about the warriors.


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