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The Cadillac SRX – The Crossover of the 21st Century

A luxury crossover SUV introduced in 2004, the Cadillac SRX is a rear wheel drive vehicle.  The SRX is based on the Cadillac Sigma platform and has a variety of engine and interior options. There is an SRX as well as an SRX-V model, although the SRX-V model was not produced after 2005. Equipped with just enough style, comfort, and power, this crossover sport utility vehicle appeals to many.  This luxury crossover SUV has two engine options, which are either a 4.6 liter 320 horsepower Northstar V8 engine or a 260 horsepower high feature V6 engine. Both  engine options are coupled with a five speed automatic transmission with an  option for all wheel drive on both, as well. Both the V8 and the V6 models offer all leather interior as well as curtain side airbags.  The V8 offers a couple more features including heated front seats and beautiful wood trim inside, all of these features are available as options in the V6. Both models are available with optional navigation systems, DVD players, a sunroof, and foldable third row seating. Some other great features offered on the SRX that you may be interested in are one-touch  power windows, heated mirrors, front driver and passenger climate control, CD  player, as well as OnStar telecommunications systems.  If safety is your concern when looking at the Cadillac SRX, you will probably be impressed with how well this vehicle is equipped. Not only does the SRX have dual front and side airbags, there are also roof suspended curtain airbags to protect all of the passengers in the vehicle. The SRX also is fitted with traction control, anti lock brakes, LATCH child seat restraint system, child safety door and window locks, as well as an anti theft system. The Cadillac SRX appeals to many consumers because it is sporty, attractive, yet it is practical. In a market where much of the competition is boxy and bland looking, the SRX brings some style. The SRX not only looks great, it functions well in any weather, including snow, so it can be driven in any climate. This crossover SUV is typically rear wheel drive, but you have the option to upgrade to all wheel drive, if desired.

If you’ve never owned an SUV or crossover SUV, the Cadillac SRX may be a great place to start because it is so well equipped. All of your instruments are mounted on or around the steering wheel so that they are easy to reach. The SRX is also great for families because it not only offers plenty of seating; it also has plenty of storage. If you don’t opt for the third row seating you will have even more storage room and even room for the family pets when you go on long trips. This vehicle is also very easy to drive and operate, with both engine offerings providing just enough power, as well as a smooth, quiet ride for all passengers. The Cadillac SRX really does bring all of the best things about a Cadillac vehicle together  in one place. A great engine, comfortable seating, luxurious interior, and all of the options you could ever want or afford in one great car! The SRX is just big enough, not too small, and provides just enough power to get across town as well as across country.  And right now for the first time ever, you can receive 0% financing for 36 Months on the Cadillac SRX, but only at Coulter Tempe…Where Getting the Best Deal is…EASY!


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