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The First Look at the Buick Regal GS

The Buick Regal GS

For 2012, Buick is offering the Buick Regal GS that is meant to be much more sportier than recent versions of the car and attract a whole new crowd. In fact, those that have had the chance to see the GS is action have said that this car is going to compete with many of the luxury cars on the market since Buick has really put their heart and soul into redesigning the car. As far as looks go, on the exterior, people probably are not going to notice much of a difference from 2011 to 2012. However, one thing that they may notice is the 2012 is sporting 20 inch wheels to help with the definition of luxury and performance. And as many people are pointing out this is the first performance car that GM has released in a long time for the Buick line, which has many people wondering why the change? Now, that GM does not have Pontiac to use as their sporty line, some brand has to fill the spot, and they are hoping that they can revitalize Buick to do this, thus far with the GS they seem to be on the right track.

The 20" wheels are a standard feature on the 2012 Regal GS

For those that are wondering about performance, they are not going to be disappointed with the Buick Regal GS. The car is set to have a 2.0 liter four cylinder engine that is going to deliver an estimated 255 horsepower thanks to the engineers cranking up the power and reducing the amount of back pressure with new and bigger exhaust systems. When the GS is first available it is going to be offered strictly with a six speed manual transmission, in an effort to really make sure that this car is considered a sport vehicle. However, they do plan to later offer an automatic version of the GS. GM has said that the car can hit the mile a minute mark in less than seven seconds, which is very impressive, to say the least.   In terms of the interior, there are several things that are going to be changed in order to show that the GS is a sportier car. For example, the pedals are going to be metal, the steering wheel has been dropped slightly and has a flat bottom to really give the racing feel to it, and the seats are going to be made of heavier materials, much like a race car. For those that are looking to buy the standard GS they are going to find that they are going to be getting keyless entry, a 320 watt sound system, keyless start, Bluetooth capabilities, sensors to help with backing up, and headlights that are brand xenon.  So is the GS something that people should be excited about for 2012? Most definitely because this is going to be the first real adventure for Buick into the sportier versions of their cars and is sure to be impressing quite a few people. Starting price is estimated to be around $30,000 if not a little more. But, for everything that the person is getting, this is a fair price.

Preview the all new Regal GS at Coulter Tempe today.


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