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Buick Verano Makes All the Right Moves

A successful Valentine’s Day is more than red roses, milk chocolate and a romantic dinner. The 2012 Buick Verano luxury sedan can be the perfect way to start the night off right.

Nerves can be the enemy of good impressions, so the Verano is packed with features to put both the driver and passenger at ease. That starts with the seats, which were subjected to more than 1,000 hours of comfort development.

Even if things do get tense on your Verano date, the seats are designed to prevent uncomfortable pressure points that sometimes develop during long drives. Equal attention was paid to ergonomics, resulting in headrests shaped to comfortably accommodate ponytails. So there’s no vehicular excuse to avoid that first kiss.

Buick’s QuietTuning technology creates an intimate atmosphere within Verano’s four doors where more than a dozen different noise-reducing and noise-cancelling technologies are at work. Whispering sweet nothings like “You can order an expensive glass of wine tonight because I get 32 highway mpg” can be easily heard, though maybe not recommended.

If talk is cheap, Verano offers numerous entertainment options with IntelliLink connectivity. Through the standard seven-inch color touchscreen, drivers can control SiriusXM radio, an iPod, or popular smartphone-connected Internet radio apps like Pandora.

Nicole Biggins, soon-to-be-married co-host on SiriusXM Hits1, has a perfect date playlist. “Romantic music is about classics mixed with the unexpected,” Nicole says. “Elvis with the Righteous Brothers., Marvin Gaye is a must, and toss in the Heart power ballad for the right romantic mood when driving with your guy.” SiriusXM’s romantic music channels include SiriusXM Love, Heart and Soul, Siriusly Sinatra and Watercolors.

Pandora allows listeners to create personalized radio stations based on a single song, artist, or genre like “Valentine’s,” which features a dozen custom stations created specifically for Valentine’s Day. If your date doesn’t seem impressed, simply hit the “thumbs-down” button on the screen and the station will play the next song. Last year, Pandora listeners logged more than 170,000 hours of love music on February 14.

Regardless of the source, music can be played through an optional seven-channel, nine-speaker Bose audio system. It is uniquely tailored to Verano’s specific dimensions and quiet-tuned cabin with crystal-like clarity even at low volumes.

Buick IntelliLink offers other features useful on Valentine’s Day, like the ability to display photos (those of past lovers aren’t recommended) from a USB drive or play a romantic movie in the parking lot while waiting for a table. That’s only if the driver hasn’t used the system’s Bluetooth to call ahead.

If a restaurant doesn’t offer valet service, returning to a cold car isn’t a concern. The Buick Verano comes standard with remote start and even automatically activate the available heated seats at temperatures under 45 degrees. A heated steering wheel can warm the hands as amorous feelings warm the heart in your Verano Valentine.


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