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GM Unveils the All New Cadillac ELR

Cadillac ELRThe Chevrolet Volt’s legacy has added a new dimension, the Cadillac ELR.

The car rolled onto the stage at the North American International Auto Show.

Bob Ferguson, GM’s new vice president for global Cadillac, said the vehicle would be “manufactured in a limited number” and exported “only to the largest global markets, including China and Europe.”

“I believe it’s a landmark in Cadillac’s history,” Ferguson said in his first appearance on stage at a major global auto show. “It sits at the intersection of beautify and design and the best of engineered. It’s a special car that exemplifies Cadillac’s greatest achievements through history.”

Mark Adams, executive director of Cadillac global design, said the vehicle would stand out from pure electric vehicles because the car’s gasoline engine will provide assurance to drivers who would otherwise be worried about running out of electricity.

He also said the vehicle provides a framework for Cadillac’s future interior design.

“In its simplest terms, the Cadillac ELR  is art and science personified,” Adams said.

Unlike Tesla’s pure-electric Model S sedan, the ELR has a gasoline engine that backs up its battery. The vehicle can travel 35 miles on a single charge of electricity before a 1.4-liter engine comes to life and keeps the coupe running.

ELR InteriorThe interior of the ELR is a destination unto itself. An open door reveals an exquisite oasis of elegance and information. Finely stitched leather accents, burled-grained wood and available carbon fiber, along with the technology of Cadillac CUE2, provide touches that may even exceed the comforts of home.

Resting on 20″ wheels, the emotionally charged sculpture is punctuated at every corner with striking LED lights that are as exquisitely etched as any jewel. Up front, a progressive take on the iconic Cadillac grille features a flush design to maximize efficiency. Even the door handles are hidden to give the wind little to hold on to.

The technological centerpiece of ELR is an advanced electric drive propulsion system that features an onboard, range-extending, gas-powered generator. It provides instant torque and the smooth, shiftless acceleration of electric drive, while keeping gas power on reserve for longer journeys. In addition, dual-side paddle controls provide regeneration on demand, putting energy back into your battery while slowing you down.

The Cadillac ELR will be arriving Winter 2013.  Pre-order yours today at Coulter Tempe.


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