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GMC Owner Tools and Apps…Refining Customer Experience

Owning a new car can be a great experience. GMC is redefining the ownership experience with new tools and high-tech apps for its owners.
One of the most effective tools is the GMC Online Owner’s Center. The “Manage My GMC” owner center is a one-stop shop for everyone who drives a GMC vehicle. Here you can view your owner’s manual; keep track of OnStar, SiriusXM Satellite Radio and GM Card accounts; see guides and watch how-to videos. There is a full Service History section where you can keep track of your dealer service records and add and edit details yourself if you like to do your own maintenance. A full maintenance schedule is also available at the site. Even when you need to do something as simple as call your local dealer, this online portal can help as it keeps record of your preferred dealer’s information. The site also keeps track of all your relevant warranty information, as well as any data related to open recalls for your vehicles. If for some reason you can’t find exactly what you need, there is a Live Chat representative standing by to help out.
Thanks to the latest advancements in mobile technology, access to information on-the-go is easier than ever. With the MyGMC mobile app, available for iPhone and Android, all the information you need is at the tip of your finger. The app allows you to pinpoint your location with GPS and call for roadside assistance, and it can also help you find the closest dealer. Other features include service schedule and owner’s manual data just like what’s on the website. Two of the most useful features of the MyGMC app are the Lights & Indicators menu and the Parking Reminder. Lights & Indicators pulls up a full list of all the warning lights for your specific vehicle and provides an explanation for each. The Parking Reminder uses GPS to mark where you parked and can recall that location later so you can quickly and easily return to the spot.
Another great tool for GMC owners is the OnStar RemoteLink app. This is easily one of the most advanced automotive mobile apps available today. RemoteLink allows you to check the status of your vehicle from anywhere in the world. It uses the capability of the OnStar system to send data about the vehicle – such as fuel range, security status, mileage and maintenance notices – to the smartphone app. You can also use the application to access functions such as door locks and even remote start. Of course, the app also gives you remote access to many other OnStar features, such as OnStar Assist.
To make your experience as a GMC owner even more convenient and enjoyable,  the main GMC website has been completely optimized for mobile viewing. You can research, explore, see current offers and more without having to hassle with navigating the full webpage on your phone. This mobile-optimized platform features every great piece of the GMC website you know and love delivered in an easier to use format.
Owning a new car has never been easier, thanks to GMC and its impressive collection of tools and technology available to owners. Come in to Coulter Motor Company today and take a GMC home for yourself, and experience the future of new car ownership.



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