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The Benefits of Window Tinting

Many auto owners tint their windows based on appearance alone, but did you know there are several benefits, including health benefits, associated with window tinting?

Applying window film to your vehicle offers many advantages including privacy, cooling, as well as skin protection.

Car Window Tinting

The Facts  

  • On average, Americans spend 90 minutes on the road each day. That’s more than 10 hours of UV ray exposure in a car each week. Meanwhile, most quality window tinting options, including those available at Coulter Motor Company, block 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet light.
  • It takes a car thief less than a minute to break your car window, snatch and grab.
  • Last year, the average U.S. household spent more than $2,500 on gas. With the price of gas only expected to rise, that means dropping more money at the tank per year.

The Benefits

Although the previous facts may be alarming, there are several ways to help protect against any one of those incidents, starting with window tinting.

Car auto tinting provides many benefits, including protecting you and your health! Whether you have a new or used car, tinting is a great option for many auto owners.

Overall benefits include the following:


While window tinting offers more advantages than just overall appearance, we have to admit, tinting provides a sleek look and feel to most cars and trucks. If going on appearance alone, remember to take various window films into consideration specially to reap from other long-term benefits.


It’s normal for people to want privacy. Some people may seem to spend more time in their vehicles than any other place, so privacy is top priority. With window tinting, there are a variety of color tints and shades to fit your needs in order to give you the security factor you’re looking for.


Car thefts can happen anywhere at any time. Besides deterring car theft, window tinting can help keep your car’s window from shattering upon impact with an object or if an accident occurs.


For those of us that live in Arizona, you know that it can become extremely hot in your car. Window tinting provides a cooling effect, reducing your car’s interior surface temperatures by more than 20°F. With cooler car temperatures that means less use of air conditioning, which equals more bang for your buck when it comes to saving on fuel.

Glare Reduction

There are enough distractions on the road as is; glares should not be one of them. Did you know? Window tint film protects the eyes and helps prevent glare from sunlight – allowing you to focus on the road ahead with ease.

UV Blockage

One of the lesser known benefits from window film tint is UV blockage. By tinting your vehicle’s windows, almost all window film will block 99% of both UVA and UVB rays. For those that drive on a regular basis, window tinting should be on your radar due to the health benefits alone!

The Costs

So you’ve made the decision to tint your car windows, or are at least thinking about it. Now the question is, how much?

Depending on car type, film type and warranty will determine the overall cost. On average, window tinting is $250, with costs ranging as low as $100 and as high as $450+.

To find out the costs for your vehicle, contact our service department today.

Next Steps

Now that you know the full benefits of window tinting, as well as the average costs. Take some time to consider whether the window tinting process if for you.

Whether it’s for the health benefits, or appearance, window tinting can be a great value for you and your car’s future.

For answers to any questions or tips on window tinting, visit Coulter Motor Company or any one of our family dealerships!


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